There come these moments in life when the Universe guides you into solitude. For most of 2017, I was finding it challenging to do the deep healing work I needed while fulfilling my Earthly roles. A beautiful guide in my life made me aware of a little town in Mexico called Sayulita. From that moment on, I started seeing its name everywhere: on T-shirts, posters, and social media. The synchronicity did not go unnoticed. I started holding space for the possibility of spending some time in Sayulita.

Sayulita Sunset

My meditations led me to search yoga teacher trainings in the area. I came across Annie Au’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training and the familiar “Yes!” in my spirit was felt. After considering the training for almost a month, I signed up for both the Yin and Yang portions with the intention of balance.

Arriving in Mexico was like heaven. My body, mind, and spirit thrive in tropical climates. It was hot and humid with lush jungle and warm ocean water. My soul sighed at the feeling of being home. The town of Sayulita was celebrating Día de Muertos. As I walked around the plaza, I saw so many beautiful ofrendas, or altars, honoring peoples’ loved ones on the other side. The vibrant colors filled my spirit as I witnessed such a beautiful display of honoring.

One of the ofrendas on the sidewalk

The next day began my teacher training. We started with the Yang portion, which was a training into teaching a vinyasa style class. Our teacher, Mathieu Boldron, built a fire within us from our first practice. It was definitely out of my comfort zone as my regular yoga practice consists mainly of restorative yoga! The schedule was intense, practicing 3 hours together in the morning, followed by philosophy, asana workshops, and then an evening practice. After the first day, my mind and ego was a little concerned thinking, “What did I sign up for?!” My Higher Self immediately stepped in to remind me this was the balance I was seeking. I surrendered and showed up curious each day. Once I released my mind, the depths of the teachings started soaking into all the layers of my being.

Mathieu Boldron and I

I started offering Reiki in the evenings for the students in the teacher training. I felt I wanted to be of service in the best way I knew how. After all day in the Yang (fire/sun/masculine) energy, sharing Reiki felt so comforting and nurturing to my spirit. Some nights I would do the sessions on the rooftop under the shooting stars. I felt the whole Universe was present. The journeys we went on were in dimensions far beyond this Earth realm.

The second half of the teacher training was more aligned with my inherent nature: the Divine Feminine and inward exploration. The Yin poses were more passive, but intense in a new way. I became aware of things I had been storing deep within my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers. It felt safe to explore and understand their origins.

Another favorite part of the Yin training was the 5 Element Qi Gong and introduction to the meridians with Tyler Cole. The desire to learn and experience both of these had been within me for years, however I knew that to truly process their wisdom, I would need time and space free from distraction. This was the perfect setting with an amazing teacher to do just that.

While we didn’t receive much in the form of free time during the training, we did go on a field trip to the “Mud Beach.” After a fairly simple walk through the jungle, we were led to our own private beach. We covered ourselves in the healing clay from the Earth and let it dry on our skin and hair. We joined in circle expressing our gratitude and love, and then jumped into the ocean to wash it off. My skin and hair felt softer than ever. It was an experience with Mother Earth, my teachers, and fellow students that will be imprinted in my soul forever.

Every time I travel, I am always in awe of how small this Earth really is. The connections I made while in Sayulita reaffirmed my belief that whoever we are meant to meet at any given point in our life is Divinely timed and aligned. I return back to California with a warm heart, deeper wisdom, and new methods to support you on your healing journey because of all these sacred meetings. And so, beautiful ones, I leave you with one of the many poems I created while I was gone…

Craving a dance,
a body conscious movement,
led by a cosmic force imperceivable in its totality,
We catch glimpses of the magic here and there,
tuning our instruments to accommodate higher vibrations,
when its music moves us,
we must follow,
and flow from one Earth space to another dimension,
ALL eyes wide open,
like before we were born,
for we come from the stars,
and galaxies beyond,
to bless this planet through our love and creation,
Come back to the truth of who you really are,
so we can dance through eternity as one.

Annie Au and I after graduation ceremony!