I have been creating a safe and sacred space for my clients to achieve deep and transformational healing through Reiki since 2009. My life is committed to spreading awareness of Reiki as a gentle, yet powerful technique for energy healing through 1:1 sessions, teaching Reiki Classes, and empowering energy healers to create successful and soulful businesses. So, how did I get into Reiki?


  • In 2007, I began my journey of understanding my energy, or the “spirit” part of myself while in Massage Therapy School. This was the first time I had heard of my chakras, and how our thoughts can create the reality around us. I received my first Reiki attunements from a video my teacher showed us. I was confused and wanted to deepen my understanding of Reiki.
  • In 2008, I met Usui Reiki Master Teacher Irma Kaye Sawyer and received 1:1 training and Reiki Level I & II attunements with her.
  • In 2010, I felt called to take my Reiki training to the Master Level with Usui/Tibetan Master Teacher Jessica Miller. She is one of the few teachers licensed with the International Center for Reiki Training. I received my Level III & Master attunements under her guidance.
  • In 2011, I released my fears around starting my own healing business. Blossoming Lotus began blooming in Long Beach, CA.
  • In 2015, I moved into my dream office across from the Pacific Ocean in Seal Beach, CA. I now have a full and thriving Reiki practice where I offer my services in person and all over the world via Skype. I am one of the top Reiki professionals in the world today, and I look forward to being your guide on your transformational journey of empowerment through Reiki.

My own personal transformation with Reiki has helped me to heal…

Romantic Relationships

  • Navigating and healing from the painful ending of relationships.
  • Healing from domestic violence, sexual abuse, and infidelity.
  • Reiki helped me heal from a lifetime of not feeling “good enough.” My self esteem was so low that I just accepted and absorbed all of the abuse. Once I started to recognize the light and strength within myself, and released the opinions and judgements of others, I began to attract more positive, loving, and supportive relationships into my life. It became a reflection of how I felt about myself internally.

Family Relationships

  • Healing from the painful experiences of divorce and abandonment.
  • Understanding that family relationships can challenge us in the deepest of ways. I have made peace with the current dynamics within my family and have learned what true forgiveness means in my heart.
  • Learning how to “take the power” back in relationships through confident, clear and loving communication.

Physical Injuries

  • 2 ACL Reconstruction Surgeries from sports injuries
  • 2 major car accidents that left my cervical and lumbar spine in a constant state of pain. I am no longer suffering from “chronic” pain. My pain is manageable, and I attribute this to performing Reiki on myself daily and learning how to use my breath to manage the pain.


Reiki taught me that our physical bodies can be a representation of our energetic state and where we may be holding “ki,” or life force energy, captive. Each episode of pain has taught me a lesson, and now I have reached a state of awareness within my physical body to where I notice when my body feels “off” or is telling me it needs something. Want to begin your healing journey today? Discover the many ways we can work together.