You may have noticed it’s been quiet on my blog for a few months. I’ve been following the wisdom of my last post…feeling into my flow and honoring what feels aligned for me in each moment. All writing projects were put aside as I moved through my personal journey of transformation and ascension.

Beginning in December of 2016, I opened myself up to the Universe. I surrendered in my meditations asking to be shown the way. “How can I best be of service through my purposeful giving?” “Show me what to focus on. My eyes and ears are open. Guide me.”

Things started to happen rapidly. In February, I saw a vision of myself and the “future” (quotations as time is not linear, but a fluid wave with no defined beginning or end) of Blossoming Lotus. I saw what I am creating, and what I describe as “downloads” of information started coming through. While this was extremely exciting, it was also overwhelming in the sense that what I felt and saw was SO much bigger than what I’m currently living in my 3rd dimensional world. I would shift in and out of my mind and my Higher Self; the former asking “HOW?!” and the latter answering “You’ll see. Trust that all will be revealed at the perfect time.”

There were moments where I threw my hands up in frustration at what felt like stagnation. Luckily I recognized these thoughts and feelings as illusions of my mind and I would surrender back to my Higher Self: “Just keep being you and share your gifts with the world.”

In April, before experiencing a sound bath at the Integratron in Joshua Tree,CA, there was a distinct moment when I set an intention to know what it means to live multidimensionally. I had been reading blogs about our planetary consciousness shifting into the 5th dimension: a “New Earth” where we live free from suffering in unconditional love and peace. Where we Master the 4th dimension of time, and ride the waves of energy honoring our Divine Truth in each moment. It sounds like Utopia, I know, but the more I asked to experience this, the more the Universe showed me it really is possible. And then it hit me…I came to know that there was more for me to let go of to live in this space completely.

I felt that there were still energetic spaces where I was carrying illusional scars of my past 3rd dimensional experiences of this lifetime. I had allowed them to shape my actions and reactions within my exchanges with other people and how I moved on the Earth. Self-healing was in order, and so, I opened myself to receive fully. My purposeful giving naturally slowed down to create space for me to do this deep work. Discomfort would creep in, shaking up my world and challenging me in my relationships. It was almost as if the Universe was testing me saying, “Are you sure you are ready to move through this?”

“This” showed itself in my client schedule being less full, and my desire to write for “work” halted. I noticed there was no fear in this, only gratitude. One of the beautiful lessons was that I was completely able to manage my bills and finances to support my 3rd dimensional reality, while at the same time doing my deep inner work. I really was surrendering and trusting without fear and I knew I was completely supported.

The energies of this last month have been to strongest and most powerful I have ever experienced. I know this is because I told the Universe I was ready and that I would do the deep work necessary to ground my visions into this Earth. The work has been exhausting at times. It has challenged me in ways that I have never been challenged before. It was not all “sunshine and rainbows,” as they say. It was stormy before all the light, clarity, and colors came. But here I am, stronger, freer, and more empowered than ever.

I am ready to share again.

It feels like “Divine Timing” today with the total solar eclipse, which is a time where we pause in darkness to chose how we are going to move forward in light.

So, without further adieu, I want to share a creative part of my spirit with you. It feels like a “big reveal…” like a moment when you bare your soul opening yourself up for criticism, or support. The beauty is, I am aligned in my power now, releasing any and all fear of judgement. This is who I am. This is why I am here.

For many years, I’ve been asking to know one of my spirit names. You all know my given Earth name (Lauren Adamczyk), but a spirit name is one that captures the essence of a part of your infinite nature. I am so grateful to now know one of my spirit names: Leona.

Leona is the powerful lioness who has the courage to live and love completely from her heart. She is a warrior of light and creator of beauty. She roams freely, following her purpose and calling. She protects those who are on the path to the remembering light within so that they can too radiate out powerfully. She is I, and I am her.

With this Divine knowing and ascension of my spirit, I am now inspired to write poetry again. Below you will read my creation that was born out of this time of transformation. I wrote it to reflect the powerful energy shift happening now with the total solar eclipse. It is how I see myself, and all of you, as we are not separate: just ONE.


You are colors so beautiful…

Let me help you see.

You are a light so bright and powerful,

your Earth eyes would go blind!

Close your eyes to see.

You root into Earth through your sacred vessel:

a vehicle to move your frequency through 3rd dimensional space…

Leased for a time,

Before returning back to the Mother.

Out of darkness and into light,

you no longer need to search.

We have one collective purpose:

Unify in love

Eradicate fear

Live in peace

It is time to remember who you really are…




Your love is a power stronger than ten suns.

Now I call to you…

Leave your shadow behind.

Your fears are only an illusion.

Step into this age with courage.

Lean in with your Lion Heart of strength.

Honor and empower the Divine Feminine within us all.

Create Goddess.