Stay Present Blossoming Lotus Lauren Adamczyk

I’m sure there have been moments where your personal and professional lives demanded all of your attention. Where you struggled to “keep it together” for the parent, child, boss, or coworker who needed YOU and only YOU to give your all…all at once! In this post, I share ways to stay present and care for yourself, even when the demands on your time seem endless.

I know firsthand what it takes to be a caretaker. The roles I currently choose in this lifetime require a tremendous amount of patience, presence, empathy, and understanding (among other qualities!). In my professional life, I am a teacher, light-worker, writer, and business owner. I bridge the space from the physical and the spiritual realms to help beautiful souls on Earth live in alignment with who they really are. This requires immense presence with each soul, as well as requires me to create and hold space for deep and transformational healing to occur.

Recently in my personal life, I’ve had to allot more time and attention to my partner as he is navigating challenging times personally and professionally. Coming home is normally a relief as I step into our sanctuary, but with these current issues, I feel the need to create and hold space for my partner. Where joy and playfulness normally fill our home, now there’s a sense of sadness, frustration, pain, and confusion. While I recognize this is temporary (as is everything!), it can feel like a lot to keep the energy in our home clear, light, and peaceful.

In being the best guide and support I can be for my partner and my clients, sometimes it feels like I am giving a lot more time and energy than I am receiving. I’ve had to adjust to the demands on my time and energy by creating a new balancing practice that keeps me grounded, present, and whole. It is my intention that these steps help you stay connected to your center, even when the demands on your time and energy are increased.

How To Stay Present Blossoming Lotus

  1. Connect to your Higher Self daily. You can connect to your Higher Self by deepening your breath, consciously releasing tension from your physical body, and letting go of your mind (all the roles and stories of your life). Those three steps create more space for you to connect to who you really are, regardless of the situations your find yourself in.  The practice of getting out of your mind and up to your Higher Self, or your infinite nature, will help you in arriving at Step 2. If you need some assistance in connecting to your Higher Self, I’ve created a meditation album to help you do so!
  2. Stay as present as possible. When others need us, there is the tendency to get lost in the mind. “How can I help?” “What can I do?” “How can I fix this problem?” These questions and probably 100 more flood into our minds as we entertain 200 more possibilities, or outcomes. To stay present, ask yourself this one question, “How can I best support this person on their journey in this moment?” Using the language “…their journey” guides you to recognize that it is not your job to fix someone else. We all have different lessons to learn on Earth at this time. Try not to take on other’s karma.  In staying present it will help you keep your mind clear to move on to Step 3.
  3. Prioritize. Now that your mind is clearer ask yourself, “What do I need to address now?” “What is most important in this moment?” Focusing on completing one thing at a time can help you get things done when there seems to be too much on your plate. Try releasing that idea that everything needs to be done in this moment, and focus on taking just one step in the direction of progress.
  4. Make some “you” time. It is important to communicate your needs and honor them through action.  By creating time and space to rest through naps, meditation, Reiki, yoga, walks in nature, etc., you are allowing yourself to receive nourishment on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This well help you be the best caretaker, coworker, parent, business owner, and friend you can be.

I hope that these steps help guide you to be present and peaceful as you continue on the journey of your life. We can’t control the events that unfold around us, but we can intentionally approach them. You can get through anything that comes your way. I believe in you.

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Sending you infinite love, peace, and presence,


PS- I’d love to hear your results with trying these techniques! Comment below.