Every year, we reflect on the past and resolve to make changes on the 1st of January, but how many of us make it to the last day of the year without achieving those goals? I invite you to live an intentional life, not just one day a year. Read below to learn 3 steps on how to make your dreams a reality!

  • Bring your language into the present tense as if you already have, or are, your intention. When you say, “I am going to meditate daily,” it puts the intention off somewhere into the future. A simple change to, “I meditate daily,” affirms that meditation IS something you do daily.
  • Close your eyes, visualize, and see yourself as if you already have what you want to manifest. It is not enough to just say we want something. One has to spend time reflecting inward on what this looks and feels like. So, if you want to meditate daily, set a reminder on your phone for everyday at a specific time. When that alert pops up, take a few minutes and close your eyes seeing yourself meditating, connecting with the feelings you want to achieve from a regular meditation practice. It will become your reality.
  • Share your intention with positive, loving, and supportive friends or family. Get excited about your dreams, goals, and wishes! Sharing them with loved ones will lead these people to ask about your progress when they see you. This is support will encourage you to keep going in times when you may feel like giving up. When you see your friend, she may ask, “How has your daily meditation practice been going?” Then you can reply, “I am meditating everyday and feel a deep sense of inner peace!”

There may be times when you falter on the path to living a more intentional life, and that is ok. It is about recognizing and re-committing to your dreams and goals that counts. It is my intention that you receive all you desire in 2015, so if you find you need support, book a Reiki session with me today!

What is your intention for 2015? I want to know! Comment below.