As you may have read a few posts ago, I spent a beautiful month in Sayulita, Mexico. Everyday since I returned at the end of November 2017, I thought about spending more time in the sacred land. I made no plans, but apparently the Universe felt my intention and aligned everything for me to be there again. Read more about how it all manifested for me to be of service through Reiki and Yin Yoga below!

With Mexico on my mind and in my awareness daily, I “randomly” received an email from the amazing Annie Au asking if I might be available to assist her 100 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training May 6th-17th. I had a few prior commitments, but when a divine opportunity comes along, it seems that the Universe already accounts for this and everything moves easily and effortlessly for you to be where you are meant to be.

Flights were booked, accommodations were set, transportation was arranged, and I arrived at the beautiful Villas Sayulita to support the teacher training. I was there to hold the space energetically for Annie and her students to be in a safe, loving, positive, and healing space to receive all the Divine wisdom and teachings that would be shared. I supported this intention by holding it daily, teaching one of the Yin Yoga classes everyday, and offering private Reiki sessions over lunch breaks and in the evenings.

It was so beautiful to witness deep transformation within the students in such a short amount of time. Even when I could feel some of the students anger towards me as we did hip opener after hip opener, I loved them through it! I knew it was not me personally they were upset with, but that some of their deeper feelings were surfacing to observe, learn from, and release if they chose. Through laughter, tears, energy ups and downs, I held it all with so much love as the layers started to peel away.

It was such a beautiful group energy to be a part of. If all aligns, I will be back with Annie for another 100 hour Yin Yoga Teacher training in August 2018. You can learn more about it here!

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