This month, I found my heart filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. From spending time in the sacred Chaco Canyon, to offering Reiki to the Santa Fe Community, my time spent on the road was nourishing on so many levels.

It was extremely humbling to spend time camping in Chaco Canyon and learning about the history of the land. Thinking of our ancestors, and all they must have endured to visit the canyon with the hopes of trade, spiritual guidance, and apprenticeship filled the mind with mystery. Walking through the ruins, finding crystals and ancient pottery shards, and viewing the pictographs and petroglyphs felt magical. I felt the grounding energy of Mother Earth each night as I would rest my head to sleep.

Once I returned back to Long Beach, the gratitude continued to pour out of my heart, and seemingly the hearts of all of my clients and students! In my opinion, there is nothing more powerful and healing than connecting with others on a soul level through Reiki. The deep experiences I shared with all those I came in to contact with seemed to open my heart even larger than I thought possible. I continue to be in awe of the bravery and courage my clients display when facing their lessons head on. It is truly inspirational…and for this I am forever grateful.

How open my heart feels..."Expansion" by Paige Bradley

How open my heart feels…”Expansion” by Paige Bradley