When I found out I would be traveling to Nashville this summer, I didn’t really know what to expect. The first things that came to mind were that Jack White lives there and that it is the capital of country music. This led my mind to think town must be somewhat hip, but also with a southern vibe, and barbecue…lots of barbecue. Needless to say, I did not really know what to expect.

We traveled to Nashville on business for Joshua. He had a jewelry convention to attend for a few days and I decided to tag along as I’m always game for a new adventure. I found the people in the South to be extremely friendly, the food comforting, and the nature outside the city awe-inspiring.

Here were some of the highlights:

  1. Johnny Cash Museum – This museum houses tons of Johnny Cash memorabilia, music, and art.
  2. Third Man Records – Jack White’s recording studio. Even though you cannot tour the actual studio, it is worth a visit to see all of the records and gadgets he has restored. My favorite was the booth where you can record a 2 minute record of yourself and have it printed out right there! Next time I will come prepared with a song.
  3. Vanderbilt University – We toured the campus as Joshua’s son is a rising junior in high school. I was thoroughly impressed by the park-like feel of this gorgeous property. Definitely worth a visit!
  4. Omni Hotel, but I’m sure Airbnb would have some great places!
  5. Mike Rayburn – The keynote speaker at Joshua’s convention. He was extremely talented on the guitar, and taught the law of attraction. It was great to hear the message I teach to my clients presented in such a unique way.
  6. Old Stone Fort Archaeological Park – This was my favorite excursion of the whole trip! One of my dear friends from California now lives in Nashville. He took us out exploring along the Duck River to the beautiful and sacred Native American lands. We went frolicking in the river and jumped off the 12 foot cliffs into the swimming hole!
  7. City House – My favorite restaurant we went to.
  8. Bakersfield Tacos – Delicious tacos and guacamole.
  9. Walkability of Nashville and Uber/Lyft are awesome.