Live an intentional life

When people come to see me for Reiki, the one question I always ask is, “What is your intention?” This question is sometimes met with a “deer-in-the-headlights” facial expression, so I want to clarify what it means to set one!

As one of my teachers always said, “Intention is everything.”

An intention is something you hope to heal physically or emotionally. An intention can be a goal in your life you would like to see become your reality. It is a statement that identifies what you intend to accomplish or attain in your life.

So, why it is important to set an intention?

Intention invites mindful living. When you live intentionally, you speak and act from a place of conscious decision instead of just reacting. You become clear on what is motivating you in all situations.

Setting intentions aligns you with the things you want to experience in your physical reality. It is a key piece in communicating with the Universe. For example, if I say, “It is my intention to know and understand the true cause of my physical pain,” I am putting the energy out into the Universe that I am open to hearing, seeing, and receiving answers about any physical pain I might be experiencing. Another example would be, “It is my intention to manifest a home and healing space in Hawaii so that I can live in my favorite place and bring healing energy to the people and island.” This communicates to the Universe that I want to live in a place that brings me the most joy and be of service by sharing my gifts with the people and the islands.

The next step after setting an intention is to release any kind of judgement as to how and when this happens. In a sense, you surrender to the Divine timeline and trust that if it is in your highest and best good, it will appear at the perfect time for you. Setting the intention is the action step (masculine energy/output), and then you must allow yourself to receive (feminine energy/input).

Once you get used to setting intentions regularly, you may find yourself living a more intentional life. It helps you release any fear as to how your actions are perceived by others because you know where your heart is. You can’t control others’ perception of your words and actions, but you can be at peace knowing you were doing the best we could at a certain moment in time. You were acting intentionally, and that is the most loving this you could do for yourself, and for others.

I would love to hear some of your intentions for yourself and your life! Comment below, or head on over to our conscious community in the Blossoming Lotus Life Facebook Group.