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I recently completed a project I have been working on for a few months. It’s the book proposal for my new Reiki book called Heal Your Whole Self With Reiki, which will be a collection of client success stories with Reiki on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Part of the introduction explains how Reiki works, and so I wanted to share it with all of you here in case you are wondering!

We know we exist on an energetic level. Science and quantum physics has now proven what spiritual teachers have taught for years: that an unseen energy flows through us and connects all things. Everything that exists in the Universe is energy vibrating at different rates. This means that physical matter and energy that we can’t see are just two forms of the same thing. Albert Einstein and Otto Stern called this the Zero Point Field, which asserts that there are microscopic vibrations that exist in the space between all things. So how does this relate to you and the energetic space you occupy?

Your body, and every cell in it, is energy vibrating at a slow rate making it into visible physical matter. We are also surrounded and interpenetrated by faster and lighter vibrations that make up our energy field (a.k.a. our aura, auric field, or biofield). These higher frequencies are harder to detect with the eye, but they can and have been captured by some scientific equipment, such as Kirilian photography, or the magnetic sensors used by the HeartMath Institute.

The health of your energy field and your physical body is affected by all of the positive or negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences of your life. When we are experiencing love, gratitude, or compassion our physical body responds by releasing oxytocin, which can help with our digestion, inflammation, and cardiovascular system. When we feel embarrassed we blush, nervous we sweat, or sad we cry. Usually these body sensations are temporary, but if you continuously hold negative thoughts, use negative words, or take negative actions towards others you can potentially form damaging energy patterns in your auric field. This also works if you are consistently the recipient of these negative thoughts, words, or actions. All of these negatives can lower your energy field’s vibration, decrease the flow of ki moving through you, and create dis-ease within the physical body.

In most cases, your life is not filled with only negatives! Each day most of us have the opportunity to connect with our loved ones, take in the beauty of nature, create art, exercise, and meditate, which can all facilitate positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions. These higher vibration frequencies encourage a healthy and vibrant flow of ki throughout your energy field thus supporting a healthy and balanced physical body, mind, and spirit.

Ki helps to nourish the cells, organs, tissue, and structure of your physical body by supporting them in their vital functions.  According to, it has effects on the mental and emotional layer of our being, a healthy flow of ki arises from allowing our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to flow through us and not stifling them or holding them inside. When we create art, allow tears to flow, or share our experiences with others, we are encouraging ki to move through. When we stay silent out of fear of judgment or criticism, we store ki. The amount life force energy that flows through you varies from moment-to-moment, but know that there is an unlimited supply that exists in the Universe as it is everywhere all the time.

Receiving Reiki from a Reiki Practitioner is one of the most simple and powerful ways to encourage a healthy flow of ki throughout your entire being. When you open yourself up to receiving this spiritual energy during a session, or during the attunement process in a Reiki Class, you invite higher vibration energy to move through you. Reiki energy can facilitate the release of any negative energies, thoughts, feelings, and emotions and clears, straightens, and heals the energy field in and around the body. This influx of high-frequency energy can stimulate and accelerate your body’s natural healing process at a rapid rate, which is why millions of people all over the world are opening to receiving Reiki at this time.

It is my hope that this article provides some clarity about how Reiki works within your energy field. If you are inspired to experience Reiki through a one-on-one session with me, or are interested in taking my next Reiki Class I would be honored to connect and share this high-vibration energy with you!