Release Fear

If you’ve found yourself feeling depressed, anxious, fearful, or angry during the election season and after you are not alone. Since the election, almost every single client I’ve seen for Reiki has expressed one of these feelings at either the result, or the subsequent responses that have emerged because of it. Healing from the 2016 election is similar to the process that takes place when I guide people through their own healing journey, so I want to share this perspective with everyone with the hope that it may bring some peace and inspiration as we all move forward…together.

The 2016 election in the United States brought intense feelings up for all of us no matter what “side” you were on or who you voted for. This year, I felt both campaigns played on our deepest fears to separate us instead of focusing on how strong we could be if we worked together despite our differences in opinion on political policy. The thing is we all have fear inside of us, it’s how we use this fear to shape who we are that matters.

With fear we can choose to move forward, stay stuck where we are, or move back into darker places and times that feel comfortable. This is exactly what we are faced with as a nation. I find it so similar to working with my Reiki clients because fear is one of the biggest blocks in opening to growth and transformation.

Anytime I do fear-releasing techniques with people, one of the key pieces is bringing the fear to the surface, or into their present awareness, as if it were happening in our session. This can be “scary” or “terrifying” in the moment, but with guidance, love, and support you can feel safe to respond differently by connecting with your breath, or realizing that what you needed in that time is not removed from yourself in the present moment. Basically, you learn that you can experience fear, but respond differently than they have in the past. This allows you to make the choice to shift out of old ways of being and into new territory.

This is what I feel is happening with this next phase in the United States history. The underlying fears that people have experienced and are experiencing are being brought to the surface for all of us to look at and decide what role we play as we go forward. We can no longer deny that racism, sexism, and greed are rare occurrences that happen to surface in the media every once in a while. These are real fears and real problems that face the United States as a nation and we can no longer stuff them down and tuck them away. The pain and fear on both “sides” has been suppressed, and now we are seeing the ugly dark side showing itself in broad daylight.

Great. So now what? As with all healing work, we must stand without judgement in the face of any darkness and shine our light. The issues are out in the open and on the table, and now we have the opportunity to decide how we are going to respond: move forward, stay stuck where we are, or move back into darker places and times that feel comfortable. The United States is in need of some SERIOUS healing, and so now you get to decide which role you will play in bringing more light to this nation and the planet. My approach has always been to align with movements that encourage cooperation, community, truth, love, and support for the collective growth of humanity. I encourage you to seek out groups, events, and activities that help you stay connected to your inner truth and wisdom, so that you are taking peaceful action in the world from that place. Together we can learn, grow, and heal.

I would love to hear what your plan of peaceful action is! Comment below or in the Blossoming Lotus Life Facebook Group with your ideas.