Ever feel like the world is spinning around you? Like your mind is racing in 50 different directions and it just won’t stop? For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been finding it difficult to get back to my center. This is VERY unusual for me, so I did some soul searching through meditation and traveled to the Grand Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming to connect with Mother Earth. Read on to hear about my journey and learn how you can ground your energy today!

Grand Tetons Meditation

It all started the morning of August 10th. I woke up to my bedroom spinning around me. It was similar to being on a carousel ride…without the fun. My eyes strained to focus, and I could barely stand up. I got back in bed and closed my eyes, wondering what was happening. The first thing that popped into my mind was that this might be what vertigo is like.

I wracked my brain looking for the reasons “Why?” but then stopped myself. Practicing Reiki has taught me to stay present and calm, even when things are uncomfortable. There are many possible reasons I could have experienced vertigo-like symptoms. I had an intense psychic energy healing session with a client the day before, the Lions Gate energy portal opened on August 8th, and I have sensitive ears from scuba diving throughout my college years.

To me, it was more important to tune in to what my body needed in that moment. I connected to my breath, invited my energy to come back to center, and fell asleep. Upon waking, the spinning moved to more of a dizziness. I knew it would be impossible for me to hold space for my clients, so I had to cancel all sessions for the day. As much as I didn’t want to, I had to honor what my body was telling me.


Each day I felt increasingly better, but I still felt “off.” By Friday the 12th, I felt well enough to hold space for my clients and classes, but my energy was limited to just those things. The rest of the day was spent resting. It felt like my physical body was processing A LOT of energy moving through. I had headaches, and only wanted the cleanest organic juices and foods. My body was speaking, and I listened to what it needed to integrate the new energies.

Coincidentally (or not!) I had a trip planned to the Grand Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming that next week. There I experienced a much deeper sense of grounding and connection to Mother Earth. The amount of vast open space brought a sense of peace to my soul. The massive mountains seemed to hold and protect me. I was able to reflect and reconnect with the Earth. It was there that the dizziness lifted fully and the headaches ceased. I was centered again.

Meditation Jackson Hole

As a spiritual teacher, I know that there is a lesson in every experience. From this unsteady time, I listened to my body’s needs, stayed connected to my breath, and trusted that whatever was happening was for my highest and best good. Now I’m back to holding space for my clients to experience deep and transformational healing through Reiki, and feel stronger and more centered than ever. I recognize that my journey may help others regain a sense of peace and balance, so below is a technique that can help you ground your energy today!

No time to getaway? Ground your energy today with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Go outside. Find a patch of grass, a tree, a rock, a beach, a flower…any place where the Earth is not paved over.
  2. Take off your shoes. Stand in Tadasana, or Mountain Pose, feeling your feet fully pressed into the earth beneath you. Lift your chest and drop your shoulders away from your ears. Rotate your shoulders back and down so that your palms face forward.
  3. Connect to your breath and visualize. Begin with 3-5 Healing Breaths (Free Meditation Download here!). Next, as you exhale, visualize or intend that all your energy move down from the top of your head, though your body, and out your feet into the Earth.

Have you experienced your mind or body spinning, whether from excessive thought or a physical reality? How did you get through? Comment below or share with the community on Facebook!