Do you feel like you are going through your healing journey alone? I remember feeling like I was, and it was painful. This wasn’t the first time I felt the waves of loneliness wash over my being. I remember feeling different from others as far back as I can remember. In this post, I share my personal journey through loneliness, and the lessons I’ve learned on how to surround yourself with positive, loving, and supportive people.

I’ve always been highly sensitive to the energy and emotions of others. From being on the receiving end of critiques on my appearance and behavior (or ways I wanted to be in the world), to hearing my parents fighting regularly as a child, I learned to keep my “sensitive” feelings bottled inside. This led me to feel different or uncomfortable in social situations growing up because I felt like I was experiencing things deeper than my seemingly carefree friends. I remember feeling like I never fit in, and only shared my feelings with the few “best” friends I had.

Fast forward to my twenties when I began my healing journey. I started learning about my energy, and how I could be holding blocked energy from the pain of my past experience. I was having breakthroughs where I would have a renewed sense of awareness and perspective about my experiences. I learned that I had a choice as to how I could approach my life and the events that seemed like they were just happening to me. It was an amazing time of growth and expansion, yet I still felt like I was going through my healing journey alone.

The places I felt safe were in the spiritual events and yoga classes I attended. There, I never felt judged for any feelings I had. If a certain pose, breathing exercise, or meditation brought up intense feelings, I felt safe and supported by my teachers and peers in the room to process them in the moment. This was new for me coming from a family, soccer teams, and schools where this wasn’t encouraged. It was so freeing, and truly helped me start to recognize that I had a tribe I could count on.

Tribe In Grand TetonsAs my healing process and consciousness expanded, I felt called to support others on their paths. Reiki was the modality that helped me uncover and understand what I was experiencing on a deep soul level. I wanted to give others the opportunity to experience this beautiful energy. And so out of these intentions, Blossoming Lotus bloomed in 2011.

Creating a safe and sacred space for my clients to experience Reiki, and heal their lives, has been so fulfilling. Yet, last year I felt that something was missing. I started to hear about the same loneliness I had experienced when I was going through my healing journey alone from my clients. And so, I would enter into meditation and ask my Higher Self what I could do to help create a community for the beautiful souls I work with.

The wisdom I received was to hold donation meditation and healing events locally as well as create positive, loving, and supportive Facebook groups online. These ideas forced me to step out of my comfort zone and overcome my fear of public speaking and my fear of being seen for who I truly am. In doing so, I have witnessed others release their insecurities and open up to receive the love and support that these groups have to offer. Hosting these groups and events helps people recognize that they aren’t alone and that there are others just like them going through this process of reflection, growth, and transformation.
Donation Meditation Tribe

If you are reading this, and feel like no one “gets you” since you’ve began on your healing journey, try one (or all!) of these ways you can discover the support of the community that is waiting for you:

  • You have to make the choice to open up. This may involve you stepping out of your comfort zone. I understand, that due to your past experiences you might be hesitant, but I can assure you nothing will change if you don’t attempt to change your approach.
  • Participate in activities that enrich your soul. This may mean that you have to try new classes, events, or meetups. Look at the events calendar at your local yoga studios, community boards at your favorite coffee shop, or
  • Find your tribe. From following the first two suggestions, you will be able to find your tribe. By that I mean you will find your teacher(s) and resonate with the events they create to support the community they serve. For example, if you resonate with my perspective and how I write, teach, and hold space you can join one of my Facebook Groups for people who are interested in healing and growing toward enlightenment. You can also use the affirmation, “The perfect soulmate tribe is on their way to me now.

I hope that this post inspires you to open your heart and welcome the support of others. Remember: we are never truly alone.

Did this article inspire you? Do you have techniques for navigating through loneliness? Share this post with your tribe, or comment below!