Reiki Summer Sessions

So far, it’s been a wild and calm ride through this Spring. Yes, wild and calm, joyful and sad, loud and quiet. Life can feel like like that…everything all at once. So how can you stay centered, grounded, and connected to the truth of who your really are through all of life’s beauty and its challenges? I’ve found that by truly practicing presence in each moment, and feeling into your flow of life, you can live authentically and be comfortable in a constant state of flux. 

With the blossoming of new life and vibrancy of color that Spring brings, I’ve been growing in so many ways. I see this season as starting for me the week I blocked off my schedule and to work on my Reiki Teaching Manual (the last week of March). My intention was to complete it, but then my partner’s father passed. I wanted to be there for him by holding space for conversation, processing, tears, and whatever else needed to come to the surface. While this major life event took me away from my plans of finishing my writing, I was completely ok with it. This is what I call feeling into your flow.

There were so many feelings and emotions coming up for me during this time. The feelings of I should be getting more done and wanting to be there for my partner. I was reflecting on my family, my mortality, and on what the end of this life might be like. I felt sadness and beauty. I felt alone and connected. I felt endings and beginnings. Again, I was feeling everything all at once.

Feeling all of these things inside started to build to a point of discomfort as I sat in front of my computer screen to write. So, in that moment, I closed my laptop and went within. I asked myself, “What do I need right now?” The answer was the beach.

I went to get some space from my writing, from my home, from my story. I knew it was time to clear out some of this energy I was holding on to. It was time to reconnect with my spirit. I put my headphones in, turned on some meditations, and let the sun, spirit, and the salt water cleanse my being.

I came out of those beach sessions renewed, reset, and very present. I was ready and able to move forward aligned with the truth of the moment: that my teaching manual will be complete and to release the timelines, that the relationship between my partner and his father is not over just because he left his physical body, and that my home is a peaceful and healing sanctuary. This is being truly present. This is alignment with your truth. This is feeling into your flow.

The process of feeling into your flow begins with a pause and a breath. Go ahead. Close your eyes, pause, and take a deep healing breath right now.

The next step is asking yourself, “What am I feeling right now in this moment? This is not a mental, thinking exercise. This is a heart centered practice of just observing what you are feeling in the moment. If you aren’t feeling connected to love, joy, peace, or abundance you might be out of alignment with your Higher Self (spirit/soul) and in a place of mind/ego. The true essence of who we are is found in those feelings, or energies, of love, joy, peace, and abundance. If the challenges and lessons of your life feel overwhelming, or you find yourself stuck in negative feelings and emotions, ask yourself, “What can I do in this moment to reconnect with love, joy, peace, or abundance?” Try not to think about what the answer is, but feel. Allow the answer to come to you. It is usually the first idea that pops into your awareness.

This seemingly simple practice has been life changing for me as of late. I feel the winds of change and growth within me strongly. The practice of going to the beach and going within has freed up what feels like massive amount of space in my spirit and soul. The process of growth and expansion may not always feel easy, but to truly know how to listen to your spirit and what it needs is the greatest gift I am blessed in knowing.

This knowing and awareness has come to me through years (and lifetimes!) of personal and professional experience. It is what allows me to feel confident in my ability to be a guide and support all the beautiful souls who find their way to me. Recently I received Divine Inspiration as to how I can support you in another way. Something that feels new and different, and honestly, it just feels aligned for this season of life. And so, without further adieu, I introduce to you The Reiki Summer Sessions!

The Reiki Summer Sessions are new offerings I have created for the months of June, July, and August. They are an invitation to create a sense of freedom and space within to experience healing on a deeper, more intimate level. So what exactly is a Summer Session?

  • We meet at Blossoming Lotus and walk across the street to the beach.
  • We sit on blankets and meditation pillows and discuss all aspects of your life: family, relationships, work life, etc.
  • We meditate on the beach.
  • We walk back to Blossoming Lotus with your intentions and enter into your Reiki Session.
  • You walk away cleared, cleansed, and aligned with the life you desire along with affirmations and meditation/breathing techniques you can continue to practice on your own.
  • 2 hours total.